Top Home Automation Ideas To Upgrade Your Daily Life

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Technology driving ideas for home automation over the years

Home automation ideas are at its peak right now because this is the best our technology has been. From doors and lights down to curtains and entertainment units, more and more household elements can now be interconnected and controlled hands-free through a home automation system.

If you’re looking to add one or more of these savvy features to your Sunshine Coast home, then you came to the right place.

What is home automation?

Technically speaking, home automation or domotics is defined as building automation for a home to transform it to a smart home or smart house. Do you ever wonder why we use the word smart in this aspect? 

This is because “smart” stands for Self-Monitoring Analysis and Reporting Technology. Nowadays we know smart home technology as a collection of connected home devices that respond to perceived needs of its users.

With “smart” technologies being incorporated into several household staples, it’s no surprise that you already have one or more appliances that are home automation-ready. Maybe a TV that can be controlled through your phone, a wifi-enabled refrigerator, or automated lighting.

No doubt smart home systems will continue to advance over the years. For now, let’s look at current trends and some of the best home automation ideas that your Sunshine Coast electrician can do for you.

So what can you automate? Let’s start with the basics.


Light automation for smart homes

Light automation is among the most common features of smart home technology. Gone are the days when you’ll find the typical light switch in just about every house you visit. Here are some automated lighting technologies currently in the market:

  • One button switch for both on and off functions
  • Voice-command light switch
  • Timed lights for waking up and bedtime
  • Motion sensors to activate lighting
  • Smart sensors to balance natural daylight and electrical lighting


Improve security with home automation

Home automation systems will not be complete without security features. Improved security is surely one of the top advantages of smart homes and below are a number of ideas that will give you and your family greater peace of mind.

  • Centralized control for CCTV monitoring
  • Smart locks that use codes or voice commands
  • Programmed locks or auto-locks
  • Linked lights and locks to automatically turn lights on when a door opens
  • Motion sensors and setup notifications when cameras detect motion
  • Linking your security system to a phone application


Entertainment is another central focus of evolving home automation ideas. Smart TVs have been around for quite a while now and more electronics can now be a part of your home theater automation. Check out some of our recommendations below.

  • Tablet or voice command to control your TV or music
  • Remote control finder
  • Linked lights that will dim or power up when you pause or play a movie
  • Motion sensor to automatically play music at the bathroom
  • Program TV units to turn off at bedtime
Home theater automation

Now onto more advanced home automation solutions

Energy Efficiency

Energy-saving features are a great bonus of intelligent home systems. While it requires more advanced programming and technologies, it is surely worth the effort and money in the long run. Here are practical ways to use your home automation system to boost energy efficiency and make your house more environment friendly:

  • Install an energy management system to monitor and regulate energy consumption
  • Choose home automation solutions with energy-saving modes
  • Program automated lighting to adjust to daylight
  • Get notifications for timed electronics like ovens and washing machines 
  • Set a power-off timer for electronics that are not in use after several minutes

Climate Control

Climate control solutions depend on the type of air conditioning units, windows, drapes and lights installed in your house. Check out these home automation ideas that will adjust indoor conditions based on the climate or temperature outside.

  • Set a “wake up” time that will open your drapes and windows and turn off the AC 
  • Voice-command or motion sensors for cooling or heating units 
  • Install smart thermostats for centralized control of the entire house’s temperature
  • Get an automatic fireplace that turns on with a click of a button

Garden Irrigation

Garden maintenance is an additional perk of smart homes, making it less tedious for families to keep their yards green and well-irrigated. We listed some ways to include irrigation in your home automation systems below:

  • Scheduled sprinkler system to water your lawn plants
  • Set sprinkler system to respond to weather conditions and use less water on rainy days
  • Get a foldable and automatic shade to shelter more sensitive plants from harsh weather

The role of voice-controlled smart assistants in automated homes

One of the most popular home automation ideas is the use of AI smart assistants, like Google Home, Alexa and Siri, as a home automation hub. A voice command to your smart assistant can execute almost all the operative features of your intelligent home system.


You can also use varying phone applications to control or monitor different sections/aspects of your smart house. Apps for lighting, security and even music are easily available. Alternatively, a smart home controller can replace all these as the central remote control system.

Complete Home Automation

The ultimate home automation idea is automating all possible aspects of your household. Complete home automation will link all of your smart devices and intelligent home features for hands-free control. 

Centralized smart house systems like BrilliantSmart lets you control your entire smart home, including lighting, security, temperature, and even plug-in appliances, through a single app. It could easily cut your costs by more than $15,000!

What do I need to make my house a smart home?

Getting started with a home automation system is just as important as keeping it running smoothly. Here are some of the basic requirements to help you kick off house automation and maintain its operations:

  • Consistent and reliable wifi signal that will connect your smart devices throughout the house
  • A tablet or smartphone as a central remote control 
  • Smart speakers for the use of AI assistants

Benefits of home automation technology

Technology is known to make life easier and home automation is no exception. Intelligent home systems are increasingly designed to boost security, accessibility and sustainability, drawing more and more households into this concept. 

Hands-free control is not only a sleek smart home technology feature, but is also helpful for people with disabilities. A one-stop app for CCTV monitoring gives parents peace of mind wherever they are. Automated lighting and temperature control do not only save money but precious energy as well.

Riley Hurlock - Walt Electrical Sunshine Coast

Do these perks sound convincing enough for you? Are you curious about smart homes and intelligent solutions? Contact Walt Electrical’s Sunshine Coast electrical expert now for more home automation ideas and how to get started on your own home automation system.

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