The Best Home Security Camera Systems In Australia: How To Pick The Right One?

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Australia’s Best Home Security Camera Systems

Looking up the best home security camera systems in Australia or the top surveillance cameras in the market today? You’re in luck! Walt Electrical features here a quick guide on the kinds and features of security camera systems. We want to help you find only the best products for your Sunshine Coast home!

Knowing The Kinds Of Home Security Cameras

The year is 2020 and gone are the days when you have to ask neighbors to house-sit for whatever reason. Technology now offers ways for homeowners to monitor their properties remotely and around-the-clock! Thank you science for the invention and continued development of home security camera systems!

Closed-circuit television or CCTV is among the earliest surveillance cameras. We already know the applications of CCTV cameras in public spaces, but CCTV security systems were also used for home security. Nowadays, security cameras are only one of the components of home security systems

Before you get overwhelmed, let’s take a look at the common classifications of home security cameras.

Indoor Cameras

Indoor home security camera

These security cameras are placed inside the house to monitor family members and protect them from uninvited visitors or even invited ones. Indoor cameras usually cover doors, windows, and house areas that need extra protection, like baby’s rooms and home safes.

Here are some of the top factors to consider when buying an indoor security camera:

  • Camera resolution
  • Field of view
  • Memory storage
  • Aesthetic look 

Some of the best home security security camera systems in Australia that are designed for indoor spaces also have intercom features, while others have motion sensors as an extra layer of protection.

Outdoor Cameras

Outdoor security systems need heavy-duty cameras to endure different weather and climate conditions. These surveillance cameras protect the whole property and can be hidden from or placed in plain sight! 


This technology is best paired with an alarm or notification system to alert you of movements within the vicinity of your house. Even the presence of outdoor cameras can already intimidate burglars and keep external threats away. 

Here are some of the most important outdoor security camera features to consider:

  • Ingress Protection (IP) rating for the camera’s resistance to dust, dirt and moisture
  • Wide field of view
  • Resolution for both day and night recording
  • Motion and sound detection capabilities
  • Memory storage

Dome Camera

Dome cameras are easily mounted on ceilings and are often used as indoor security cameras. The camera itself is enclosed in a dome that acts as a protective barrier, hiding the camera’s line of view. The domes also make these cameras less vulnerable to vandalism and tampering.

Bullet Camera

Bullet cameras are commonly seen outdoors and are often tagged with weatherproof ratings. These cameras are easy to spot, making them good visual deterrents to burglars.

A bullet camera is easily attached to walls and eaves, and can be redirected or pointed to certain areas of focus. This feature, however, makes them prone to tampering unless encased in vandal-resistant steel cases.

Turret Camera

Several of the best home security security camera systems in Australia use turret cameras. These cameras resemble a ball and socket joint, made more advanced and versatile. They have automatic movement and a wider field of view, but are screwed securely to prevent manual reorientation. 

Turret cameras are a breeze to maintain and can be mounted either on walls or ceilings.

Wired Versus Wireless Security Systems

Wireless technology changed the game in several consumer markets over the past years, including Australian security systems. But while more homes now prefer the seamless operation of wireless home security systems, some still prefer the comfort of more traditional wired home security camera systems. Read on to learn more about both.

Wired Security System

Wired home security systems remain among the best and most reliable house protection tools until now. It takes more work and requires expert help from your electrical specialist for the wirings and set up, but will definitely be worth it in the long run!

Wired home security camera system


  • Has a more stable data transmission, with very low possibility of interference
  • The wiring system allows for higher bandwidth capacity, meaning you can use cameras with higher resolution
  • Can support more cameras and can be expanded
  • Less lag time, even for live view, making for faster streaming
  • Difficult to jam and hack 
  • Most wired systems come with a backup battery in case of power outages


  • More expensive and complicated to set up given the required drilling and wiring
  • Limited mobility once the cameras are already installed

Wireless Security System

Wireless surveillance cameras are often part of home automation systems in Australia. Like most wireless solutions, these home security systems are easy to install and maintain. There are even home security camera kits that can be your next DIY project!

Wireless home security camera system


  • Comes with less components that are easier to install and setup
  • Can be hidden from plain sight for increased security
  • Can be relocated and reconfigured whenever needed
  • Usually comes with remote monitoring solutions, alerts, and other features


  • Requires a stable network or wifi connection and cameras need to be well within range to function properly
  • Some cameras will still be wired for power source
  • Lower bandwidth capacity and higher lag times
  • More susceptible to interference and hacking

If you need more information on wired or wireless home security setups, worry not! Walt Electrical specialises in security camera systems installation and other electrical services on the Sunshine Coast!

Video Storage Of Australia’s Best Home Security Camera Systems

A security camera system’s storage capacity is among the tool’s top features that continue to improve over the years. We’ve seen security systems transition from external drive storage to direct uploads to cloud storage accounts. 

Here’s a quick rundown of available storage options for Australian security systems:

  • Surveillance Cameras’ Hard Drives

External hard drives are now slimmer and more powerful than ever. These are designed for heavier workloads and go best with 24/7 security camera recordings. These drives now have up to 10 terabytes of storage capacity! 

  • Memory Card Storage

Some cameras come with internal memory storage and memory card slots. These are recommended only for backup storage when the hard drive fails or is full. Memory cards usually have a smaller capacity. They are also cheaper, easily removed, replaced, and transferred to another device for viewing.

  • Internet-Based or Cloud Storage 

Newer versions of home security systems feature cloud storage options. This offers a more seamless operation, given a stable and reliable internet connection, but could also cost more because of additional fees for cloud storage subscription.

Best Home Security Camera Systems In Australia - Extra Features

What else should you look for when buying a security camera? These products, nowadays, come loaded with extra features that will surely take home security to the next level. Below are some examples:

  • Night Vision – this feature comes very handy for low-light conditions, which is typically how you leave your house when it is unattended. 
  • Motion Sensors – these are best placed near doors and windows, coupled with an alert system.  
  • Remote Access – this can be considered one of the most important features of today’s security camera systems. Monitor your home from wherever and whenever you want from your smartphone or tablet through applications or softwares that come with your security system.

Top-Rated Surveillance Cameras and Security Systems

Now you might be asking what the best home surveillance system is. With several products in the market out there, it’s easy to be overwhelmed and confused about which one to get.

Here are some of the top-rated home security cameras and systems in Australia based on features and consumer reviews:

  • Nest Cam 

Google’s Nest Cam is increasingly popular as one of the best DIY home security systems in Australia. It comes in indoor and outdoor models, and is wireless, though earlier versions are wired. Its top features include facial recognition, person tracking, night vision, and phone alerts. This is why it is ranked among Australia’s best home security camera systems!

  • ADACS Security

ADACS is said to be one of Australia’s top security companies. They provide a full suite of home security systems from cameras, down to alarms, sensors, and general monitoring. They also offer 24/7 support for any issue or concerns over their products and services.

  • Arlo
Arlo home security camera system
Image taken from Arlo’s official website.

Arlo is considered to be among the best surveillance systems with cameras that are weatherproof and completely wireless! Arlo has developed alarms, motion sensors, and dual storage options that support both local and cloud storage.

  • Coletek

Walt Electrical recently worked with Coletek on CCTV camera systems. Coletek offers complete security systems with a variety of surveillance camera options that are high definition and weather resistant. Coletek’s security cameras also come with night vision and are ready for AI integration.

Riley Hurlock - Walt Electrical Sunshine Coast

Need More Information On The Best Home Security Camera Systems In Australia?

When is the right time to get surveillance camera systems for your Sunshine Coast home? This technology will continue to advance, without a doubt, but now is a great time to start! Call us and ask about anything from the best home security camera systems in Australia or any general electrical inquiry!

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